ROS-SWEET our values define us



Customers’ satisfaction

Our aim is to satisfy the customers’ needs, to be open towards other people with whom we cooperate, as well as to set the highest quality standards. We provide our customers with what they need at the time they need it. Our engagement makes us to do remarkable things.


Entrepreneurship, reliability, quality

We strive for continuous improvement of our actions. This can be achieved by following the quality in everything we do, and choosing only the best solutions. The driving force behind our business is an optimistic approach to the activities as well as the strong support of our employees in a daily work. With the best raw materials and customer-oriented service, we guarantee a stable and repeatable quality.


Openness and positive attitude

Our actions are supported by knowledge and experience. Our priority is to maintain the status of a trusted business partner. We are always ready to face new challenges in order to do something better and more effectively. We are open to any new development opportunities, which results in significant  investments in people and assets. A positive approach to a given task comes naturally when we are engaged in something that is simply our passion.



We care about people who work with us. We make sure that they feel appreciated and that they gain new skills. We provide them with development and high culture of work at every stage of their careers. We respect their commitment, we like sharing new ideas and learning from each other. Partnership is most important for us. We believe that in a friendly atmosphere, we can realize individual potential of each of us and achieve common goals, even most difficult ones.